We develop AI components for medical devices.


Argus Cognitive develops software to improve medical diagnostics, prognosis and therapy choices.

In autism and behavioral disorders we specialize in automated human behavior understanding and produce quantitative reports on social interaction that can be used to refine diagnosis and monitor therapy.

In cardiology we analyze ventricle motion, forecast disease progression and help select surgical therapy options.

In drug therapy we help infuse comparative effectiveness data into formulary optimization.

About us

Argus Cognitive is a technology startup founded by computer scientists, medical device developers and clinicians. We develop state-of- the-art AI components and integrate those into various medical devices or medical decision support systems. Our core team of seasoned machine learning experts has worked together on academic AI research before Argus for more than five years. We are constantly looking for partners to tackle major health care challenges together.

Contact: info@arguscognitive.com

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