Neurora SLP

Quantify Speech and Language Symptoms

& Evaluate SLP Treatment With Neurora SLP

Speech and language disorders are complex and varied. Measuring a patient's symptoms can be challenging, particularly when trying to deliver therapy at the same time.

Task: Record Speech Metrics

For A 5 Year Old Patient While Delivering Compassionate Therapy

Speech therapists, researchers, and others working with SLP patients, have a tremendously difficult task. Measuring symptoms is challenging, because subtle indicators provide important information.

These indications include:

  • Speech pauses
  • Speech pitch
  • Word or sound repetition
  • And more

Neurora SLP makes it easy to record and track these metrics.

All you need is a smartphone and a web browser and you can record these SLP audio metrics automatically.

Just put your smartphone on the table between you and your patient, and record your conversation.

Then upload the recording to Neurora SLP. We will automatically analyze the recording, and provide you with rich metrics you can use in your research, or to show progress in therapy.

Neurora SLP is software as a service. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet. Neurora SLP will available for use by researchers soon, and is pending FDA clearance.