Machine Learning Based Prediction of Mortality in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

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Single Patient Analysis

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The checkboxes next to the parameters set the values to "Unknown". If five or more features are unknown, results should be interpreted with caution.


Probability of survival at 1 year
Probability of survival at 2 years
Probability of survival at 3 years
Probability of survival at 4 years
Probability of survival at 5 years


Estimated Life Expectancy

Multiple Patient Analysis

  1. Convert the source file to csv and open in a text editor
  2. Copy comma separated header and values content to the textbox
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The external validation of the SEMMELWEIS-CRT Score is encouraged, however, we advise physicians and researchers to contact us with any questions regarding the appropriate evaluation and interpretation of the results. We are also open to collaborations aiming external validation, further improvement in accuracy and international utilization of the Score.

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